Put All Your Essentials In One Phone Case

With Kavod phone cases, you don't only save space and avoid uncomfortable big wallets in your back pocket, but you have your cash, cards, and phone all in on one reach, and on your closest pocket. Make it easier to purchase items online, prevent losing your wallet, make purchases over the phone at ease, switch to Kavod leather wallet phone cases today to save time and be more organized with your everyday essentials. All our leather wallet phone cases come with a perfect fit hole, so you are still able to take great pictures with your phone camera and flash. With different colors to choose from, this lightweight innovation is a great tool for your everyday business professional or student.

Quality PhoneCover

When you pay less than 10 bucks for a cell phone wallet case .. you get what you pay for .....Protect your phone with this luxurious secure innovation, strong and designed to always cover and protect your phone from scratches and dents. Strong Handcrafted stitching ,for longer lasting assembly. Simplify your life with a leather wallet phone cover., available for Samsung galaxy phones and iPhones Devices

Get Rid Of Your Wallet

Wallet phone cases are designed to be basic wallets with a spot to hold your phone, and that is what they do. If you come to the realization that you only really need your phone, some cards and some cash, and don't want the burden of an entire wallet, get a wallet case, Leave the back pains from your wallet in your back pocket, and be ready to have everything in your hands fast and at ease.

Genuine Leather

Leather cases are a popular aesthetic choice for smartphone protection.Italian leather, not only stylish and simple, but strong and durable, protecting your phone from scratches and chips.Our leather is not dyed with any harmful chemicals that may affect you or the environment, all our leather is bleached from vegetable coloring.